Landscape Learning Journey

The Horn of Africa Climate Change Programme (HoA-CCP) is a regional project working in 6 countries with the aim to showcase the potential for climate resilient communities and businesses in selected landscapes.

Horn of Africa Climate Change Programme (HoA-CCP)

The Climate Change Programme at the Horn of Africa Regional Environment Centre & Network (HoA-REC&N) aimed to both increase the adaptive capacity of the most vulnerable communities in the Horn of Africa to the shocks of climate change, and mitigate against its impacts.

By promoting sustainable and participatory interventions, building capacity and investing in research, the Programme improved livelihoods and food security across the Horn of Africa, and supported environmental conservation.

Landscape Learning Journey

WCDI supported HoA-REC&N in the implementation of the Climate Change Programme with a specific focus on capacity development. This component of the project was called: "the Landscape Learning Journey" in which a selected group of facilitators from the six countries jointly embarked on a journey in which they were empowered to enhance the resilience of their landscapes. This required critical knowledge, skills and attitude on topics and landscape themes underlying landscape governance processes.

Throughout this learning journey the facilitators carried out various activities:

    1. They visited and learned from each other’s landscapes in six countries in the Horn of Africa: Ethiopia, Kenya, Sudan, South Sudan, Djibouti and Somalia.
    2. Besides these field visits, in total six learning events were organized around a central theme around landscape governance. During these events the facilitators critically reflected on their designed landscape intervention, applied various tools to their landscape and worked on their action plans.
    3. Online learning & exchange: in between the learning events, the facilitators shared their progress on the “Landscape Learning Journey Platform”. This online place allowed facilitators to share documents, photos and have discussions.

    See for more information the HoAREC&N website and HoA-CCP project site.