Leveraging the microbiome to improve animal health

At Wageningen Bioveterinary Research (WBVR), we believe that the microbiome is key to ensuring healthier and more resilient animals. Together with partners that share our vision we are investing in innovative microbiome research with a long-lasting beneficial effect on animal health and welfare.

Microbial communities composed of bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other microbes are living on and inside animals. Behind the scenes, these microbes are likely pulling major strings when it comes to the well-being and health of their hosts.

But how exactly does an animal’s microbial makeup (i.e., the microbiome) contribute to its health? Which factors cause the microbiome composition to change? And how does the presence of different microbes modulate disease susceptibility and progression in the host? Together with partners, we're finding answers.

Public-Private-Partnership (PPP)

Interested industry/biotech are joining us in this multi-year Public-Private-Partnership (PPP). The aim is to obtain government funding of 50% with 50% co-financing from our industry partners, over a period of max. 4 years.

Areas of interest

  • Microbiome influence on vaccination & impact on strategies
  • Gut-lung axis & influenza
  • Intervention strategies to modulate the microbiome
  • Pathogen-microbiota interactions