Program Managing Public Space (MaPS)

This Program adds a management perspective to planning and designing public space and is funded by societal partners joined in the Stichting Managing Public Space.

Energy transition, climate adaptation, circular economy, new urban mobility – cities face major challenges. Tackling such challenges inevitably needs to be realized in public spaces of cities. These and future challenges require a comprehensive management of public space. At the same time, many public infrastructures are at the end of their lifecycle and about to be replaced. Currently, assets in the public domain – above ground and underground systems such as road infrastructure, sewage systems, telecommunication, green infrastructure – are often managed by a rather pragmatic approach, driven by technical knowledge and practical solutions. The challenges ask for an academic approach to managing public space. The programme Managing Public Space (MaPS) aims to develop research and education for managing public space, in close collaboration with the professional field. Ultimately, the project strives for developing an academic basis for innovation in managing public space and aims at developing training for students and professionals.

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