M&E experts training on Managing for Impact

In the last week of September, 35 evaluation and M&E experts from Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras, Costa Rica and Panama came to San Salvador to study and apply the framework of 'Managing for Impact' (M4I).

The M4I framework was developed by Centre for Development Innovation (CDI) with a focus on strengthening the impact of development initiatives. The main purpose of the training was to strengthen the capacity of CLEAR partners in Central America to apply M4I in their daily work practice.

The M4I course was a joint initiative of CLEAR-CIDE and CDI. The Center for Learning on Evaluation and Results Latin America (Centro de Investigación y Docencia Económicas - CIDE) was selected as a CLEAR centre for Latin America and helps to strengthen evaluation and M&E capacities, in order to have stronger evaluative capacities for policy and development. CLEAR is promoting the creation of national and sub-national M&E networks and management practices with result orientation. In this way, CLEAR-CIDE contributes to the global advancement in these areas, with innovative courses and exchange on practical experiences between practitioners.

The San Salvador participants develop a shared understanding of key concepts, approaches and methods related to the M4I approach that will not only underpin further development and implementation of their evaluation and M&E work, but also enables them to bring this understanding to other actors and use it in a wider context. At the end of the training they especially emphasize the importance of new understanding related to strategic guidance and applying Theory of Change thinking. The regional network and various national networks like to apply Theory of Change to their work.