In the MYPACK project the Marketing and Consumer Behaviour group of Wageningen University works together with different food and packaging companies, research institutes and universities across Europe on developing and commercializing new sustainable packaging technologies.

The Marketing and Consumer Behaviour group studies how to make these technologies accepted and adopted by consumers and how to prompt consumers’ sustainable behavior. Since these technologies are both new and sustainable and this research has a focus on eco-innovations.

We study how the physical packaging features are perceived by consumers and linked to ultimate consumers’ goals and how the benefits provided by the packaging are traded off towards the final choice. This allows us to better target sustainable new technologies and finally encourage a more sustainable food-packaging choice behavior.

The larger project focuses both on the technical and marketing aspects of sustainable packaging innovations. Chemical and materials’ engineering’s, partners of the project, are involved in developing new packaging technologies and in optimizing their technical properties. Packaging designers and research institutes are involved to design prototypes that could better communicate the sustainability related message to consumers. Food companies represent the end users of the developed packaging and contributes to test and provide inputs for the packaging development process.

The ultimate aim of the project is to provide general guidelines to select the best market for a new sustainable technology and to ensure the best commercial development, through the best environmental efficiency (direct impacts of packaging, food waste impacts, optimized recycling composting combusting end life, preserved consumer health), the best consumer acceptability, and an optimized industrial feasibility.

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