National Climate Agreement: Spatial research for Dutch Climate Agreement

Sven and Dirk, together with other spatial researchers participated in the meetings for the National Climate Agreement and advised negotiators on questions with potential relevance for urban and rural landscapes.

Together, we managed to put landscape quality on the agenda (in Dutch ruimtelijke kwaliteit) and raise awareness for the concept of energy landscape: observable landscapes that originate directly from the human development of energy resources (Pasqualetti & Stremke, 2018). The physical consequences of implementing energy transition in The Netherlands and beyond may vary from small-scale local interventions to larger and more dedicated, so-called entity energy landscapes. The preliminary results – the Concept Climate Agreement – can be accessed here (in Dutch only).

Commissioners: Ministries of Economic Affairs & Climate, Internal Affairs, Infrastructure & Water

Partners: NRGlabHNSGeneration EnergyFABRICationsStudioMarcoVermeulenCloud Collective & APPM

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