PAnDeMics: Polypharmacy, malnutrition and deficiencies of micronutrients in Dutch geriatric outpatients

Adverse drug reactions from single drugs or drug-drug interactions are evaluated during the drug development and approval process. Systematic research on drug-nutrient interactions (DNIs) however is scarce. The Nutrition Alliance Gelderse Vallei, a collaboration of Wageningen University and Hospital Gelderse vallei, addresses this knowledge gap in her project PanDeMics.

Main objective of PanDeMics is to investigate associations between drug use and nutritional status. Research questions are about the predictive value of polypharmacy and use of specific drug groups on deficiency of specific micronutrients and risk of malnutrition. Tools are literature research followed by cross-sectional analyses of patient data of the geriatric outpatient clinic of Hospital Gelderse Vallei. In this study population, polypharmacy is highly prevalent.

At the moment, a first review about drug use and vitamin D status has been published (1); a cross-sectional study about this subject is being submitted. The same is planned for vitamin B12, folic acid and magnesium. Furthermore, drug use as indicator of malnutrition risk (Mini Nutrition Assessment scores) and mortality will be investigated.


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