Research Collaboration

The Ministry of EL&I VisNed Fisheries Organizations and the Dutch Fishing Union need a framework that coordinates the cooperation with IMARES. This framework also provides the platform for exchange of knowledge and information.

The Research Collaboration (OSW) framework has existed since 2008. Thanks to this cooperation framework, the parties concerned work together. This requires only a quarter of consultations needed instead of many different project . This efficient way of coordinating and communicating would disappear without OSW.

The OSW aims to inform all partnerships between fisheries, government and research together, to improve coordination and communication.

The framework comprises the overall coordination but also share a number of substantive items:

  • Maps of fishing effort by the Dutch fleet
  • Collaboration around the trawl survey between industry and research
  • Catch Success as a measure of the stock
  • Company Survey

The result is a functional framework (OSW) for EL&I that provides a platform for questions or problems in collaborative projects to raise the issue. The coordination and communication is efficient because the parties are structurally and constantly represented.