SameNoord is a project in the northern part of the Dutch community Wijchen.

The aim of SameNoord is to reduce health inequalities in the neighbourhood. Researchers, professionals and parents collaborate to establish a positive impact on health of families with a low income/education and related to that, health challenges. The project is part of the programme ‘Healthy Future Nearby’ (2015-2020) of the Dutch NUTSOHRA foundation. Partners in the project are: Municipal Health Service (MHS) Nijmegen, Radboud University and Medical Centre, AMPHI collaborative centre, a welfare organization and the Wijchen Municipality.  WUR is involved in the research to facilitate and evaluate the impact of the project in terms of perceived health, lifestyle behaviour, participation in (research) activities, and the social and physical environment of health.

Gerda Wink - Promovendus

prof. Maria van den Muijsenbergh - 1e promotor

prof. Koos van der Velden - 2e promotor

dr. Gerdine Fransen - 1e copromotor