Smart phyto checks at the source: Argentine, Brasil, China and Thailand

The objectives of the project is to implement advanced detection and control technologies to tackle several important phytosanitary problems in order to enhance the world leading position of the Netherlands in the international trading market.

Objectives of the project

To develop practical applications based on new technologies that allow the detection and control of pests and diseases on/in plant products at the place of primary production and to subsequently eliminate them before export/transportation. As a proof-of-principle the strategy will be implemented in four cases of a specific pest-commodity combination in four countries: Thailand, Argentina, Brazil and China.


  • A suitable and effective measure for detecting, sorting and controlling plant pests and diseases in risky trade flows to the EU.
  • Development of the new technologies to a practical useful application in the selected countries.
  • Developing a certification scheme for a guaranteed successful use of the technology.
  • Training of entrepreneurs for use of the equipment /methodology