The EU-funded project called SPLENDID is developing a personalized guidance system for eating and physical activity behaviour for the prevention of obesity and eating disorders. This guidance system is composed of an interactive system of integrated sensors, a smartphone application and a web-based user interface.

The SPLENDID-system consists of an eating detection sensor, a Mandometer (i.e. a scale to be placed underneath the plate while eating, which will record intake during a meal) and a physical activity meter (i.e. an accelerometer).

The eating sensors and the sensors are being evaluated at Wageningen University in overweight subjects. They have been tested in a controlled (laboratory) setting July-August 2014. And currently, we are testing how well the integrated sensors of the SPLENDID-system are able to monitor the eating and physical activity behavior of young, overweight adults in a semi-controlled setting. In the next phase of the study, we will evaluate the use of the whole system, including the smartphone application which aims to give instant feed-back on eating behaviour and physical activity. 

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