Sustainable integration of aquaculture and fisheries (CO-EXIST)

Coastal areas are subject to increased competition and are getting better protected (Natura 2000, Marine Strategy Directive). Therefore, these areas are a source of potential conflict for space allocation.

The maintenance and / or development of small-scale fisheries and aquaculture is largely dependent on the availability and accessibility of suitable locations. It is not just about fishing and aquaculture, but also tourism, wind farms, marine reserves. In all likelihood, the competition for such sites increase, making it necessary to improve policy-based management tools for space allocation along the coastline in Europe.

Aim of the project is to develop a roadmap to combine fisheries and aquaculture in the coastal zone. It will set up a framework for the analysis of conflicts and opportunities for collaboration and analysis of spatial management. Also a toolbox will be developed for the analysis of conflicts and opportunities and the development of spatial management. This toolbox consists of both quantitative tools (i.a. models, gis applications, visualization techniques) alswel policy.