Sustainable intensification of cocoa production

Enhancing cocoa productivity and nutrient use efficiency requires a deeper understanding of the nutrient requirements of the cocoa tree and the roles and physiological responses to different nutrients. A consortium of research, industry and authorities led by WUR and IITA develops an Integrated Soil Fertility Management (ISFM).


Integrated Soil Fertility Management recommendations will be developed based on medium- and long-term data from carefully planned and consistently managed nutrient response trials following agreed protocols and resource commitments.

Specific ISFM and other productivity-enhancing recommendations will be delivered towards the sustainable intensification of cocoa production.


The program will be implemented through public-private partnerships with leading partners IITA and WUR in collaboration with CIAT, ICRAF, UNEP-WCMC, NARS (including CNRA, CRIG, CRIN, IRAD, and Universities), cocoa authorities, fertilizer industry partners, cocoa industry partners and IDH. The program build on the Cocoa Fertilizer Initiative coordinated by IDH and funded by World Cocoa Foundation.