Symposium Climate Information for Adaptation

On 5th of July the symposium ‘Climate Information Services for Adaptation‘ takes place in gardens of the famous Lumen building, in Wageningen University and Research. On this unique one day symposium trends and innovations for developing information to assist decision-making for adaptation are presented.
The symposium aims to address the question: how we can better assist decision-making with climate relevant information?
A wide range of different climate services have been developed over the last decade. While climate information is becoming more and more accessible, many users are still not receiving the information they need. Most climate services also fail to generate the necessary climate action. During this symposium we will discuss how to make climate services more actionable and how the producers of climate services can guide their development more towards the need of the users.
The different keynotes will be presented by international experts.

Program Symposium:
08.45h Coffee and Tea
09.15h Opening Speech Pr. Fulco Ludwig WUR Chair WSG
09.30h Prof. Daniela Jacob - Editor-in-Chief of Journal “Climate Services” (ONLINE)
10.15h Jorge Paz Jimenez Researcher Tecnalia
11.00h Coffee and Tea
11.15h Prof. Suraje Dessai Leeds University - Chair in Climate Change Adaptation
12.00h Dr Katharine Vincent - Kulima Integrated Development Solutions (ONLINE)
12.45h Lunch
14.00h Dr. Hasse Goosen Director - Climate Adaptation Services (CAS)
14.45h Dr. Saskia Werners - United Nations University
15.30h Coffee and Tea
15.45h Round table with experts: identifying challenges and actions routes for Climate information developments
16.45h Closing speech

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