Tackling the decline of wild pollinators

The causes and consequences of the decline in wild pollinators are mapped. Measures to solve this problem will also be examined.


The decline of honeybees and wild pollinators in general has to do with the decline of gestation plants, loss of nesting (wild bees) and increased disease and pest pressure (honey bees). Unknown is the relative importance of these factors, the differences between species and how these factors affect one another. These are the subject of this project.

The main results of this project are:
  • In total pollen samples of approximately 2500 individual bees have been collected and the pollen in approximately 1000 of the samples have been determined. 
  • In apple and pear orchards 24 species of wild bees are observed on apple blossoms and 28 species on pear blossoms. 
  • After 1990 more bee species reduced in number (122) than increased (71). 
  • Agricultural conservation measures are generally effective in increasing the local species richness and abundance of bees, flies and butterflies.