Taste and Non-Destructive Measurements

The objective of this research is to increase fruit and vegetable consumption by developing knowledge and tools with which chains can guarantee consistent flavour in fruit and vegetables. This will stimulate repeat purchases. This research also aims to develop a flavour model for tomatoes based on non-destructive measurements. Furthermore, a taste model for apples is being developed as an alternative to expensive expert and consumer panels.

Flavour Models for Apples and Tomatoes

In the past, a flavour model was developed based on several destructive measurements for tomatoes. This model is a valuable tool and serves as the basis for the development of the non-destructive taste model in this sub-project. Sensors have been inventories for this purpose, and a selection has been made in consultation with the partners.

The required measurements have been collected, and include multiple series of measurements throughout the seasons with a wide range of tomato flavours from the participating companies: tests with taste panels, destructive measurements, and non-invasive measurements. This has resulted in a large data set, and the first correlation models have been developed. A number of sensors returned very good results.

Furthermore, several varieties of apples were selected in collaboration with the agriculturalist, and these were used for taste tests and related analyses.

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