The role of images in techno-societal controversies (Efrat Gommeh)

Efrat Gommeh’s research focuses on using images analysis to create a more democratic development process of controversial technologies, and is part of the project "Traveling of Framed Facts and Uncertainties (TOFU): a dashboard of imagination for innovations in food, packaging, energy, and health-technologies", funded by NWO-MVI.

The research aims to better understand and democratize the mechanisms underlying TOFU’s– images that travel across the world and carry facts and uncertainties regarding technology developments. By doing so, the research will add an ocular layer to the current methods of responsible research and innovation, and enable reflective learning process, with the help of software tools that will be developed.

Efrat Gommeh has prior experience in STS (Science, Technology and Society) research and in industrial design and design management.