Third mirror

Sustainable design of the space in the low-lying Netherlands balanced knowledge of the surface water, groundwater and the surface is essential. These are the so-called 'three levels', where the ground level as the third mirror is appointed as attention and research theme.

Groundwater and surface water levels in different frameworks and research programs get much attention, but knowledge about the interdependence is still insufficient. Spatial issues, environmental and sustainability studies and climate research all use the same insufficient information about these three levels. The knowledge of it is incomplete, inaccurate, fragmented and inaccessible.

Alterra  and Deltares start the integration of evidence based geological and soil high-end systems, as the basis for sustainable development of the space.

The goal of this project is to convert the spatially heterogeneous hydrological, geological and soil information to  to one three dimensional model of the substrate.

The result is a three dimensional model of the substrate for the pilot project Deurnesche and Mariapeel.