Tuinbouw Digitaal (PPP)

The innovation programme ‘a SMARTER Greenport’ is developing a sectoral knowledge centre for the development, application and valorisation of innovative information and communication technology in the Dutch horticulture chain. The main task of the knowledge centre will be to share and maintain internationally-based standards for electronic messaging, coding, labelling, etc., in the chain. The knowledge centre will take the form of a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) called Tuinbouw Digitaal (digital horticulture), in which the business collaboration will consist of Frug I Com, Floricode, EDIbulb and VGB. It is important to the horticultural community that the innovation programme strengthen the current cooperation with R&D institutes.

Aimed results

1.    Quality improvements to Dutch horticultural standards: assess and improve the quality of the information standards in Dutch horticulture on the basis of a scientific scanning tool (headed by Floricode).

2.    Standardisation from greenhouse to chain: develop a guideline which the horticulture sector can use to standardise and internationally establish and secure the integration of mechanised process systems with office and chain applications in the future.

3.    Consumer Interaction: a study to explore the possibilities for direct interaction with consumers via smartphone apps. The aims are to make the consumer a driving force in horticultural chains on the one hand and to influence consumer behaviour on the other by strengthening brand awareness of horticultural products (headed by Frug I Com, building on the results of Facebility).

4.    Quality-driven Tracking and Tracing: a practical pilot to develop and demonstrate an innovative system for real-time management of product quality in the chain. This pilot is also part of the European Smart Agri-Food project and its successor FI-Space.

5.    e-Government to Business (G-to-B): develop a proposal for the application of Big Data in the Top Sector, involving the ICT sector (represented by Nederland ICT) and ICT knowledge centres.

6.    Hort-I-management Scan: strengthen ICT awareness, knowledge and skills in the horticulture sector by applying innovative and interactive tools, such as self-diagnosis and game simulation.

7.    Knowledge tool TD web portal: develop a knowledge tool on the Tuinbouw Digitaal website to perform internet searches for useful documents relating specifically to Tuinbouw Digitaal themes.

8.    Community of Practice: set up and maintain a physical community (network meetings and conference) and a digital community (internet portal and social media) for Tuinbouw Digitaal and coordinate the innovation programme ‘a SMARTER Greenport’.