Tuna 'credits' in Indonesia?

Innovation in tuna fisheries management is needed that focuses on reward in addition to regulation.


Innovation in tuna fisheries management is needed to ensure that the growing industry limits pressure on these overexploited tunas and other vulnerable species as marlins, turtles and sharks. This one year Postdoc project explored the potential for incentive-based management arrangements, such as credit systems, to promote equitable and sustainable tuna fisheries management in Indonesia.

The project was divided into two phases.

  1. Evaluation of inventive based fisheries management and the definition of 'fisheries credits'.
  2. Field-based exploration of incentives based management in Indonesia



The project was funded by the Royal Dutch Academy of Science Scientific Programme Indonesia - Netherlands (SPIN). The short term funding was designed to enable out-of-the-box exploratory research addressing solutions to complex social and environmental problems in Indonesia.