UNLOCK- Unlocking Microbial Potential

UNLOCK; An open infrastructure for exploring new horizons for research on microbial communities. UNLOCK is composed of four complementary research platforms, of which ETE hosts the modular bioreactor platform. The Modular Bioreactor Platform is specifically suitable for investigating sustainable solutions for environmental challenges, such as degradation of (micro)pollutants, sustainable energy generation and recovery of resources from complex waste streams. This platform allows investigation of undefined complex waste streams with undefined microbial communities in defined reactors. The Modular Bioreactor Platform consists of multiple units of different types of bioreactors that can be used in a cascaded set-up as sequential reactors (technology trains) and/or in parallel configuration to allow for the direct comparison of different reactor systems.

The different reactor configurations that all can be used in sequential and parallel configurations are standard bioreactors (1 to 5 L), bio-electrochemical systems, high pressure and temperature reactors, and outdoor constructed wetlands (12 m3).

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