Unsteady aerodynamics of Dipteran flight

I work on the Unsteady aerodynamics of Diptera flightusing experimental and numerical methods such as Dynamically scaled robot, Particle Image Velocimetry and Computational Fluid Dynamics.

My approach is to study fundamental fluid mechanics through experimental methods, supported by numerical simulations to understand the basic principles and apply those to insect flight.

Dipteran (two-winged) insects have diverse wing-beat frequencies of 45 -1000 Hz. The acceleration reaction forces largely contribute to force production in high-frequency flies.

In my PhDproject, we aim to understand vortex formation, added mass, and the Wagner effect in the context of Diptera flight.

Furthermore, I collaborate with Dr. Camille Le Roy on the interplay between aerodynamics and the evolutionary biology of Diptera, and I also collaborate with Chenyao Wang on the interplay between aerodynamics and flight control.

This project is a part of the NWO Vidi project under Florian Muijres.

Supervisory team: Florian Muijres (WUR), Dr. Guillermo Amador (WUR), Dr. Abel-John Buchner (TU Delft).