User Learning Services - Training programme in use of the Copernicus Climate Data Store Platform

C3S User Learning Services provide free training on how to use the Copernicus Climate Data Store platform and its content. The ambition is to provide high-quality training to those who use climate data.

How does C3S ULS support users of the Climate Data Store?

We provide free training activities across Europe. The topics covered in our learning activities include:

  • Data discovery and use of climate data available from the Climate Data Store (including its toolbox) for climate adaptation case studies
  • Sectoral applications (eg agriculture, water, energy, shipping)
  • Communication of uncertainty in climate change adaptation

Our free online training resources can be consumed anytime and anywhere through the C3S ULS portal (  Resources are organised in learning paths to meet specific (personalised) learning goals.

What does C3S ULS offer?

We offer a blended learning approach which combines self-study using online training resources, face-to-face discussions, hands-on activities and climate change adaptation case studies. Through learning by doing, participants discover the usefulness of the Climate Data Store and how the open data can be used to address their climate change adaptation challenges. Participants are encouraged to make use of their own case studies for a more effective learning experience. Participants' learning is supported by highly qualified trainers from WEnR, WU, KNMI, University of Leeds  and 'local' organisation  who provide the training events in the local language and English.

Blended learning
Blended learning