vegIMPACT - Vegetable production and marketing with impact

VegImpact (Vegetable production and marketing with impact) is a project that gives small-scale farmers in Indonesia the knowledge they need to increase their vegetable production. The programme is aimed at improving vegetable production and marketing for small farmers in Indonesia. Through its interventions vegIMPACT contributes to food and nutrition security and to private sector development in Indonesia.

The programme activities (2012 – 2017) include the development of Product Market Combinations, strengthening of the potato sector, development of permanent vegetable production systems, transfer of practical agronomic knowledge to farmers and extension, and reduction of occupational health risks in vegetable production.


The major part of the programme activities focuses on practical training and capacity building of farmers, extension and other stakeholders in vegetable chains. vegIMPACT aims at realising measurable impact and benefits for Indonesian vegetable farmers. However, the Programme is also about learning. We develop and implement different farmer training methods. The farmers receive help to deploy effective marketing tools to sell their products at the right price. Using an e-learning module and practical training and coaching programmes, VegImpact helps to improve food safety and contributes to the development of a private sector in Indonesia.

VegImpact is the continuation of previous successful Dutch-Indonesian agricultural projects, is financed by the Dutch government and develops new production chains aimed at increasing income for arable farmers. The project covers various Indonesian islands (including Java, Sumatra and Sulawesi), and involves close collaboration with the local and private sectors in order to achieve sustainable outcomes.

We are currently working on a new vegIMPACT website.