ZoCool! Smart cooling using solar energy

In the project called ZoCool!, we developed a control system that makes maximum use of solar energy to cool fresh products. This system can make the normal cooling process more sustainable on a limited budget, improves its ability to cool and maintain the quality of the products stored. This new system can run the cooling process smoothly despite the fact that there might be fluctuations in demand of cooling and the supply of solarenergy.

The efficient energy management system works using the Smart ZoCool!-controller in combination with a local DC-grid Based on weather forecast data or the load on the electricity network, for example, it makes clever choices in order to make optimum use of the available energy. The Smart ZoCool! Controller ensures that when there is surplus energy, produced by solar panels, the available ice buffer is ‘loaded’ with ice. When there is no solar energy, the ice buffer is used to increase the efficiency of the cooling unit.


We would like to inform you when this system becomes available. Please contact us if you want to receive an update by email.

ZoCool! Smart cooling using solar energy