Modernising solid waste management at municipal level : institutional arrangements in urban centres of East Africa

Majale, C.


The task of municipal problem solving has become a team sport that has spilled beyond the borders of government agencies and now engages a far more extensive network of social actors - public as well as private, non-profit and profit. Solid waste management is one of the key tasks associated with municipal authorities. It is of particular interest because of its flexibility compared to other services at the municipal level. This means the number of options for addressing solid waste management at municipal level are considered many.

The Lake Victoria Basin allows a comparison of institutions and practices in the different urban centres that are found in the basin. The ultimate aim has been to advance plausible options for institutional arrangement to improve solid waste management at the benefit of the urban poor in the Lake Basin in East Africa.

This dissertation is the result of five years of research work done under the PROVIDE project (working on sustainable urban infrastructures in cities of the Lake Victoria Basin, East Africa) with funding from INREF.