Risico's en kansen van klimaatverandering voor de Nederlandse natuur : Invloed van temperatuurstijging, extreme droogte of natheid, zeespiegelstijging en verzilting op de doelen voor VHR, KRW, ecosysteemdiensten en algemene biodiversiteit

Henkens, René; Cormont, Anouk; van Swaay, Chris; Wamelink, Wieger; Ottburg, Fabrice


The national and provincial governments in the Netherlands are taking many measures to achieve nature conservation objectives, such as those of the EU Birds and Habitats Directives and Water Framework Directive and for ecosystem services and biodiversity in general. Climate change can be a risk for Dutch nature. It is therefore important to obtain a good understanding of the current and future risks of changes such as rising temperatures, extreme drought, extreme wetness, sea level rise and salinisation. From a literature study and expert knowledge we conclude that the risks associated with climate change will probably increase in the future and will play a more important role in achieving the goals for nature. Climate change also presents some opportunities, but to a lesser extent.