Food Futures Strategy Uganda -insights from webinars 2020 : Feeding Cities and migration

de Rooij, Bertram; Pittore, Katherine; Linderhof, Vincent; Voskamp, Ilse


New ways to ensure sustainable food systems in the future are part of the strategic research program knowledge base (KB) programme ‘Food Security and Valuing Water’.The project ‘Feeding Cities and migration settlements’ aims to gain a better understanding of, and therefore a better grip on, urban food systems while paying particular attention to the impact migration has on food security to create sustainable, resilient urban food systems.This report brings together the main outcomes of two webinars that were organized together with stakeholders in Uganda. The aim of these sessions was to share findings from the KBresearch-including the case-based learnings on Uganda, as well as that of others working on urban food systems. Together starting tounravel the challenges of the (urban)food systems in Ugandafrom different perspectives andentrypoints,and to set the scenefor future strategiesand (supportive) actionstogether with stakeholders