Mogelijke ecologische meerwaarde PAGW-streefbeelden bij ruimere uitgangspunten en randvoorwaarden : Een quick-scan naar aanleiding van Nederland in 2120, van bovenrivieren naar zee

van Buuren, M.


This study is looking for possible ecological added value for the elaboration of the reference conditions and systems for the Dutch Programmatic Approach for Large Waters (Programmatische Aanpak Grote Wateren, PAGW). The aim of the PAGW is‘system recovery’ that allows the biodiversity of the larger surface waters to develop or to be preserved. This system recovery is tied to a predefined package of principles and preconditions. An important question in the PAGW process is to what extent the current principles and preconditions limit ecological system recovery. This ‘quick scan’ compares the current PAGW preconditions and starting points with those of the perspective A nature based perspective for the Netherlands in 2120. Subsequently an exploration was made of the ecological added value that can be achieved and which ‘nature-based’ measures may be relevant to do so. It appears that structural ecological added value may be realized. This has to do with the positive influence of these broader preconditions and assumptions on crucial key factors for ecological system restoration, namely habitat area, habitat dynamics, habitat quality, habitat variation and habitat connectivity. The study area includes the large surface waters and their surroundings in a broad zone from the Rijnstrangen at the Dutch-German border up to the Rhine-Meuse estuary in the North Sea.