Vitamin D. Do we get enough?

Brouwer, E.M.; Bischoff-Ferrari, H.A.; Bouillon, R.; Feskens, E.J.M.; Gallagher, C.J.; Hypponen, E.; Llewellyn, D.; Stoecklin, E.; Dierkes, J.; Kies, A.K.; Kok, F.J.; Lamberg-Allardt, C.; Moser, U.; Pilz, S.; Saris, W.H.M.; van Schoor, N.M.; Weber, P.; Witkamp, R.F.; Zittermann, A.; de Groot, C.P.G.M.


On September 29, 2011, acknowledged experts in the field of vitamin D, mainly European, were brought together in order to discuss the recent scientific advances in relation to vitamin D: the current requirements and associations with various health outcom