Developing Global Leaders for Research, Regulation, and Stewardship of Crop Protection Chemistry in the 21st Century

Unsworth, John B.; Corsi, Camilla; Emon, Jeanette M. Van; Farenhorst, Annemieke; Hamilton, Denis J.; Howard, Cody J.; Hunter, Robert; Jenkins, Jeffrey J.; Kleter, Gijs A.; Kookana, Rai S.; Lalah, Joseph O.; Leggett, Michael; Miglioranza, Karina S.B.; Miyagawa, Hisashi; Peranginangin, Natalia; Rubin, Baruch; Saha, Bipul; Shakil, Najam A.


To provide sufficient food and fiber to the increasing global population, the technologies associated with crop protection are growing ever more sophisticated but, at the same time, societal expectations for the safe use of crop protection chemistry tools are also increasing. The goal of this perspective is to highlight the key issues that face future leaders in crop protection, based on presentations made during a symposium titled "Developing Global Leaders for Research, Regulation and Stewardship of Crop Protection Chemistry in the 21st Century", held in conjunction with the IUPAC 13th International Congress of Pesticide Chemistry in San Francisco, CA, USA, during August 2014. The presentations highlighted the fact that leaders in crop protection must have a good basic scientific training and understand new and evolving technologies, are aware of the needs of both developed and developing countries, and have good communication skills. Concern is expressed over the apparent lack of resources to meet these needs, and ideas are put forward to remedy these deficiencies.