Circulaire inzet digestaat : berekening N-P-K-C flows voor varkensmest en digestaat bij het varkensbedrijf van De Hoeve Innovatie

Casu, F.A.M.; Verdoes, N.


This study was conducted for De Hoeve Innovatie, which is part of Keten Duurzaam Varkensvlees, wherein different scenarios of manure treatment and digestion were mapped through the use of an emission model. In this study, we looked at which scenario gave the most optimal N-P-K-C balance with the least gaseous losses and preservation of organic matter. Results indicated that daily removal of manure from the pig houses, digestion of fresh manure and further treatment of the digestate into a solid and liquid fraction led to the lowest emissions of ammonia and greenhouse gasses. Addition of a straw and manure mixture to the digester leads to a higher biogas production and organic matter content of the manure products.