De wolf terug in Nederland : Een factfinding study

Jansman, H.A.H.; Mergeay, J.; Grift, E.A. van der; Groot, G.A. de; Lammertsma, D.R.; Berge, K. Van Den; Ottburg, F.G.W.A.; Gouwy, J.; Schuiling, R.; Veken, T. Van der; Nowak, C.


Since 2015 wolves more often visit the Netherlands and since 2019 the first pack was a fact including a litter with cubs, the first since 150 years. Although there is already a management plan for wolves, the authorities will start with an update in 2021. This present report contains the answers to 25 questions that were drafted by the authorities. The questions contain five themes: 1: distribution, presence, origin and carrying capacity; 2: behavior and wolf-human relations; 3: policy, damage, monitoring and management, 4: ecology and 5: molecular methods and international exchange of data. The knowledge that was used for answering the questions is based on facts, originating from ongoing monitoring and scientific research. Therefore it can be used to come to motivated policy decisions