Acquisition and data-processing parameters in suspect screening of antibiotics using LC-HRMS

Jansen, L.J.M.; Nijssen, R.; Bolck, Y.J.C.; Wegh, R.S.; Schans, M.G.M. van de; Berendsen, B.J.A.


For years, targeted analysis by LC-MS/MS has been used to monitor specific veterinary drugs in products of animal origin. Now, monitoring strategies start shifting towards a non-targeted, more risk-based approach, as is mandatory according to the official controls regulation (EU) 2017/625 1. This shift has pushed the utilization of high-resolution mass spectrometry (HRMS) and suspect screening, an approach for processing untargeted data in which reference standards are not a necessity. 2,3 Studies that investigate the performance of suspect screening workflow strategies for the detection of veterinary drugs in complex matrices are however still scarce. In this work, a systematic assessment was carried out in eather meal matrix, using both an in-house suspect list and the online mzCloudTM database.