Options for mangrove-friendly alternativelivelihoods in the mangrove ecosystem (Opsi Mata Pencaharian Alternatif di Ekosistem Mangrove yang RamahLinggunkan)

Debrot, Adolphe O.; Rejeki, Sri; Pribadi, Rudhi; Nazrul Islam, M.


In the context of developing bio-economies, tropical mangrove forests provide many options for sustainable livelihoods based on their many non-timber forest products such as fish, shellfish and many plant-based forest products. Integrating human livelihood needs into mangrove ecosystem conservationis of foremost importance for long-term sustainability of mangrove forests. However, because of theircomplicating biological characteristics, the development of such forest product resources for sustainable livelihoods has long been neglected. In this report we briefly discussed a number of promising options for mangrove-compatible livelihoods based on recent examples and highlight a few of the most critical requirements for their successful development.