Hydropolitics intertwined with geopolitics in the Brahmaputra River Basin

Baruah, Tanushree; Barua, Anamika; Vij, Sumit


The legacy of the sub-continent has led to a complex geopolitical rivalry in the Brahmaputra River Basin, shared by China, India, Bhutan, and Bangladesh. Each riparian state has a varying interest and development agenda, hindering the identification of common interests for water cooperation. This article presents the intertwining of regional geopolitics with the basin hydropolitics, restraining positive interaction, thus, leading to a status quo in the BRB. While maintaining a purposeful status quo seems to be a prudent move by the riparians, the local communities continue to suffer due to the impasse. This article is categorized under: Human Water > Water Governance Science of Water > Water and Environmental Change Human Water > Value of Water.