The YOPP Final Summit : Assessing Past and Forecasting Future Polar Prediction Research

Wilson, Jeff; Jung, Thomas; Bazile, Eric; Bromwich, David; Casati, Barbara; Day, Jonathan; De Coning, Estelle; Eayrs, Clare; Grumbine, Robert; Ioue, Jun; Khalsa, Siri Jodha S.; Kristiansen, Jorn; Lamers, Machiel; Liggett, Daniela; Olsen, Steffen M.; Perovich, Donald; Renfrew, Ian; Smolyanitsky, Vasily; Svensson, Gunilla; Sun, Qizhen; Uttal, Taneil; Yang, Qinghua


The Year of Polar Prediction (YOPP) Final Summit What: One hundred eighty-seven scientists, stakeholders, and representatives from operational forecasting centers and international bodies assembled in person and online to review the accomplishments and impacts of YOPP and make recommendations on prediction-related priorities for future international polar research projects. Where: Montreal, Canada When: 29 August-1 September 2022.