Protein purification

Protein purification

Protein sensitivity among consumers continues to increase. Pharmaceutical companies, universities and researchers seek to isolate specific proteins and develop reliable therapies to combat allergies. Ever-growing legislation is also pushing companies to investigate allergens even more meticulously. WFBR has the experience and expertise to provide the right quantities of purified proteins, developed under precise conditions for every testing scenario.

While most companies produce purified proteins in quantities that are measured in micrograms, we have the facilities, the expertise and the resources to produce larger quantities, efficiently and effectively. From 1 gram to 10 grams to 25 grams, we can provide the quantities you need to conduct your extensive research and development.

The quality you seek

Of course, we follow the strictest protocols in their protein purification processes. We can provide the very same level of quality, reliability and stability in a 10-gram sample as you can expect from a 10-microgram sample. Because we have customised our facilities to ensure that every sample is as pure and up to standards as it possibly can be. Concerned about LPS levels? Our proven protocols ensure the reduction – or even elimination – of LPS from your samples.

The expertise you trust

For more than 20 years, we have been a leader in protein purification. In days when research was far more limited and far less essential for development, we were already perfecting our processes and conducting our own research. Through extensive study and countless publications, we have explored our own capabilities and developed unmatched experience in protein purification. Therefore, advice and consultation are always available to you. We ensure that your research objectives are obtained in the fastest, most effective way possible.

Proteins on demand

When timing is a factor, we respond with readily available common purified proteins from major allergen sources like milk, eggs, fish, insects, peanuts, soy, lupine and several nut species. The most common proteins and compositions are immediately accessible. We are also working continuously to develop protocols for an expanding list of allergens.

Proteins made to order

When your research demands different purification processes or specific, less common proteins, we will apply our extensive knowledge and experience to create a custom sample of the purified protein in the exact quantities and specifications that you need. We will customize our purification procedures according to your protocols and testing parameters. We can provide advice and guidance to ensure the right results and the most efficient processes.

Proteins from your source material

Do you wish to purify proteins from your own, specific samples? Want to test your own race of food or animal proteins? We are ready to help. You supply the raw material, and we will purify the proteins you need according to your specifications.

Optimal isolation procedures

All our isolation procedures are performed in (preferably) mild conditions, optimized to prevent/inhibit protein denaturation, polyphenol binding and hydrolysis. We can characterize proteins based on their basic functionality, including solubility, heat stability, 2D structure, digestibility, polyphenol content, amino acid composition and LPS content. Whatever your specific research ambitions require, we can provide the proteins you need.