Separating and purifying

Water technology for agriculture, food- and process industry

Companies in agriculture, horticulture, food industry and processing industry experience problems with water quality when closing water and nutrient cycles. Wageningen Food & Biobased Research uses innovative technology to purify and reuse process and cooling water and recover valuable nutrients. Based on our expertise and research results, we design an optimal process together with the client, using the best combination of existing and new techniques.

Physico-chemical water treatment

In order to recover valuable nutrients, remove salts and pollutants and disinfect the water, we offer a combination of technologies. This physico-chemical water treatment varies from (electro)membrane technology, adsorption and extraction to advanced oxidation. We complement our expertise with knowledge of general process technology: we investigate the opportunities to deploy our water technology in existing processes, evaluate the technical and economic feasibility and help companies with upscaling and implementation.

Water cycles: from crop to processing industry

The strength of Wageningen Food & Biobased Research is that we, as part of Wageningen University & Research, are strongly rooted in the agrifood domain. As a result, we know the technical needs of companies in the sector and can relatively easily combine new technologies and develop them into cost-effective solutions. In collaboration with Wageningen University, we invest in fundamental research into electrochemical water technology. Various patents that are applied in practice are the result of this:

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