Long shelf-life for perishables

How can you ensure that apples and other perishable goods stay firm and juicy for as long as possible after harvest? This is the challenge facing companies in the food industry every year. Wageningen Food & Biobased Research provides insight into the progression of the quality of fruit and vegetables and helps companies to optimise quality. In this way, consumers around the world can be assured of high-quality fresh produce.

Technologies for better quality control

So how does this work? Which new research projects into storage and quality have been launched by Wageningen Food & Biobased Research? And which companies are working with the latest technologies? Follow the apple, which represents any other perishable product, from harvest through to consumption (anywhere in the world) and learn about current and future techniques designed to prolong shelf-life.

Safeguarding quality during transport

What’s the best way to safeguard the quality of fresh products, such as apples, bananas and citrus fruit, during transport?
Derek Niemöller

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