More sustainable and functional protein from oilrich seeds for human consumption

Oilseed residues are the single largest global protein loss in the food supply chain. Achieving a total-use case will have a huge impact in the protein transition.

The goal of this project INTRINSIC; Integrated sustainable processing of oil and functional protein from oilseeds, is to develop a strong knowledge basis for a novel, safe, green and profitable processing, combining co-extraction of oil and high-value functional protein.

Research line 1 of this project takes existing, solvent-based, processing lines as a starting point and develops a safe, sustainable, and cost-effective process for oil and functional protein co-extraction with minimal capital expenditures. Process profitability will be maintained as lower oil extraction efficiency will be offset by increased protein value, removing the last hurdle for large-scale implementation.

Research line 2 will develop a novel extraction technology based on mild and minimal aqueous processing yielding functional protein, oil and fibre fractions, all fit for human consumption and at the same time eliminating feed waste streams. This technology will exclude organic solvents, neither will it focus on extensive processing yielding high-purity fractions, but on fractions with relevant functionality for food applications. The developed process will lead to new processing capacity investments, as it is significantly different from the current industrial processes. Wageningen start-up Cano-ela BV plays a significant role in this project, by sharing insights about their patented extraction technology.