Roadmap Post-Harvest Loss reduction in selected Vietnamese value chains

Vietnam and The Netherlands have strong bilateral ties. They signed a Strategic Partnership Arrangement (SPA) and a Letter of Intent (loI) to reduce post-harvest losses and contribute towards sustainable food supply chains in Vietnam. Experts from Wageningen Food and Biobased Research are supporting both countries with the implementation of the SPA LoI.

Objective and scope

On behalf of the Netherlands Embassy in Vietnam and the Vietnamese Ministry, Wageningen Food & Biobased Research implements the Sustainable Partnership Arrangement and Letter of Intent signed by the (prime) ministers of the both countries. The focus is on addressing post-harvest losses in food supply chains. The implementation starts with the identification of the hotspots in fresh fruit and vegetable supply chain in Vietnam and pinpoints the most likely root causes. Data will be collected via interviews and literature research. In a digital meeting with private- and public-sector stakeholders from both Vietnam and Netherlands the results will be presented, with a focus on the business case of post-harvest losses prevention and reduction. The discussion should give directions for an implementable long-term strategy for post-harvest loss reduction in Vietnamese food supply chains.