Success on the international market thanks to Dutch post-harvest technologies and logistics ecosystem

Published on
September 9, 2022

For Dutch technology companies in the agrologistics sector, there are opportunities for achieving success in the international market. This is the conclusion of a recently published report on the Dutch agrologistics ecosystem. This study, commissioned by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO), was carried out by Wageningen University & Research with the support of top sectors and regional development agencies.

All over the world, there are opportunities for the taking and challenges that can be tackled – such as the growing need for healthy food, the reduction of food losses and food safety – by the powerful synergetic ecosystem in the Netherlands. The report recommends using product-market combinations to penetrate the international market in order to achieve the greatest impact and success.

Optimal product-market combinations

At Wageningen University & Research, several experts advise on technological innovations and the use of technologies in the fields of cooling, packaging, sorting and processing. This enables technology suppliers to fine-tune the required technology for specific product-market combinations, so that it best suits the specific situation in each country. Curious to find out more about the opportunities for cold chain technologies abroad or opportunities for technological innovation? Get in touch.