Meten van kwaliteit na de oogst

Postharvest quality measurement

From ripening systems to hyperspectral cameras and taste profiling: there are plenty of opportunities for fast, objective quality measurement for perishable products. Wageningen Food & Biobased Research offers technology companies R&D capacity and facilities to increase the added value of and market opportunities for new measurement techniques, These allow such companies to make informed decisions about the innovations in which they invest time, money and energy.

Fast and objective quality control

To what extent are hyperspectral cameras suitable for measuring quality? What kind of companies are they interesting for? And is it possible to give this equipment extra functionalities? Technology companies are working hard on innovative methods for fast, objective and accurate quality measurement – an area investors also have their eyes on. Wageningen experts give them insight into the added value of and market opportunities for such measuring techniques, and the legislation involved. Technology companies can use this to build their IP in a targeted manner and enter the market with a scientifically substantiated story. With this knowledge, investors can make a better estimate of the opportunities and risks involved in financing a certain technology or application (area).

Predicting quality and shelf life

For more than eighty years, Wageningen experts have been studying the science of measuring quality and extending the shelf life of fresh produce. Their expertise ranges from post-harvest technology and robotics & computer vision techniques to storage, agrologistics and packaging. The research takes place in the world's most versatile and comprehensive research facility for post-harvest technology and agrofood robotics. Almost every research question about measuring and predicting quality can be addressed on both large and small scales: a climate cell that can hold a full-size truck or a mini-climate cell for individual products.

Quality Control

The Smart Color Inspector, a ground-breaking method for measuring the quality of fresh products based on colour, was the outcome of GreenCHAINge, a collaboration between Wageningen Food & Biobased Research and companies from the entire fresh food chain. The data collected in the project provides an excellent basis for quality analysis and prediction. In the Fresh on Demand project, Wageningen Food & Biobased Research is working with companies on non-invasive methods for measuring, amongst others, taste. 

No-obligation conversation

Interested in investing in innovative technology for fast, objective quality measurements? Contact Wageningen experts for a no-obligation conversation and gain insight into the added value of and market opportunities for new measurement methods.