Accessible booklet about the current biobased plastics situation

Published on
December 17, 2020

The development of biobased plastics is moving fast. Thanks to new types of polymers and new technologies, manufacturers continue to find new possibilities for application. Which biobased plastics are available now? And which new materials are forthcoming? The English-language booklet Biobased Plastics 2020 answers these questions.

The authors Karin Molenveld and Harriëtte Bos have completely updated the content of the 2012 version of the same booklet. Molenveld explains the intentions of the publication: “We provide accessible insight into the production, processing, properties and application possibilities of all thermoplastic and thermosetting bioplastics that are now on the market. But we also discuss, for example, the environmental aspects of bioplastics, such as waste management, which strongly depends on the specific material properties. Furthermore, we map out which aspects play a role in the further development of bioplastics.”

Part of the series Green Raw Materials

Biobased Plastics 2020 is intended for anyone who wants to know more about biobased plastics, from entrepreneurs, students and policymakers to anyone who is simply interested in bioplastics. The booklet is part of the Green Raw Materials series, a series of handy booklets about developments in the circular, biobased economy. The accessibility of the booklets is appreciated and there was a great need for an English edition. The booklet was funded by the EU project BLOOM, which aims to stimulate knowledge about research and the development of the bio-economy among European citizens. Last year a Dutch edition was published and now also an English edition. Both are available online.