New business models

New business models

We identify how and to what extend companies can profit from processing of side streams towards high value products. We provide an overview of possible scenarios as well as potential ROI (Return On Investment) models. For example, what happens if you account for environmental pollution in the price of a product (‘true’ pricing)?

We have done this for, amongst others, De Verspillingsfabriek (The Waste Factory). In the project Noord4Bio, upon request of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, we mapped opportunities for the bio-economy in the northern part of the Netherlands. For nine clusters of raw materials and products involved in waste processing, including carbohydrates, proteins, cellulose and bioplastics, we estimated the potential market, production volume, the necessary investment and the additional employment which could be created.

In our organization, specialists from different fields are collaborating closely with each other. Our expertise and technology portfolio ranges from pre-treatment and conservation technology, logistics, separation technology, mild conservation and product development to fermentation, biotechnology and chemical modification. This broad approach allows us to support partners throughout the chain – from farmer to retailer and waste processor – to create processing of waste streams towards value added products.

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