CASSA screenshots

A selection of CASSA Screenshots

The 'main menu' screen of CASSA; here the student must choose which spectrum/technique (s)he wishes to solve next.

The infrared spectrum. The student just clicked the peak at 2230 cm-1 in the spectrum, and now has to tell what kind of molecular fragment this peak belongs to. And, apparently, the chosen answer is wrong....


The student has already measured the integrals, and even explained the first peak (1 aromatic H atom found).  (S)he now wished to explain what fragment caused the peak at 4.8 PPM, but failed on the first attempt (nitrogen-bound -CH2) and now even the second attempt (the aldehyde fragment) as well.

Note that this student isn't that serious with the program, or hasn't been paying that much attention in classes; his credits are almost gone...


The mass spectrum; the end stage of the assignment.  The student has explained the molecular cation peak already, and now tried to explain the peak with M/Z 89.  But: peak 116 (which generates the start of this peak) has not yet been solved.