ir. Carl Colijn, dr. Han Zuilhof

CASSA (short for: Computer-Assisted Spectroscopic Structural Analysis) is an educational program to help students with the use of modern spectroscopic techniques to identify unknown organic compounds.  The program consists of fully worked-out spectroscopic problems, in which the student has to reason from a number of given spectra (1H-NMR, UV-vis, IR, mass spectroscopy, elemental analysis) to the structure of an unknown compound.  The student is lead step-by-step through the (multiple-choice) exercises in an interactive way, in which good answers are rewarded, while incorrect ones are explained and corrected (in fact: the program contains thousands (!) of 'reasonable but incorrect' answers, that are based on our experience in teaching spectroscopic courses).

CASSA in action; the student tries to solve the infrared spectrum.

The aim of CASSA is that students can practice with this program any time and any place they want. The program runs on any PC (Pentium or later preferred).  The level is such that the exercises can be used in introductory spectroscopic structural analysis courses, that are usually part of the second or third year of undergraduate curricula at academic institutions.

To see more (full-screen) screenshots of CASSA, including short descriptions of what is displayed, go to the CASSA Screenshot page. For further information/demo versions feel free to contact us.