Chromatographic Systems HPLC and GC-MS

High Pressure Liquid Chromatographic systems (one preparative)


  • Low and high gradient options,
  • Different detection methods (refraction index, UV and/or Diode Array Detection, Evaporative Light Scattering detection and Fluorescence detection)

Gas Chromatographic systems (three with MS detector)


  • Capillaire and/or pact column

  • Different injection techniques like split/splitless, on-column, thermodesorption and programmable temperature vaporization.
  • Different detection techniques as flame ionization, nitrogen-phosphorus, thermal conductivity and electron capture and mass detection
  • Two-dimension GC (heart-cutting) and preparative possibilities.
In our lab there is a broad expertise on chromatographic analysis. Separation, quantification and identifications of plant extracts, process samples, and synthesis yields are analyzed on daily base. Post-column analysis with for example antioxidants and two dimensional HPLC (LCxLC) is possible.

Chromatographic analysis is used with different research topics for characterization of the used compounds. Normally with concentrations above detection limits, but also trace-analysis accurse.