Reservation facilities

To make or delete reservations for the following items you have to log on to "Lab Facilities Booking". The first time you log-on you have to make an account.

After registration you will get standard permissions to reserve some instruments and facilities located at ORC.

For some other instruments you need extra permissions. Please contact Barend van Lagen or Frank Claassen for this.

Please read in the manual below how to make an account for "Lab Facilities Booking".

Manual for users with a WUR-account

Manual for external users


  • X-ray
  • Prep. HPLC
  • Picoforce AFM
  • LC-MS (DESI, DART, LXQ and Exactive) 
  • GC-MS
  • XPS
  • Auger
  • SEM

Reservation:    Log on